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Insightful, fresh and genuine, Kimberly seeks to empower others in their pursuit of vibrant lives and thriving businesses. She has led hundreds of groups and individuals on a path to profound health, enduring wellness and realistic living.

An international Networker and Award-Winning Broadcaster, Kimberly has a profound history as a health & fitness entrepreneur. Her listeners, business partners, clients and fans have expanded tremendously as a result of her insight and leadership.

With a penchant for the new and remarkable, Kimberly is an early researcher and adopter of the most useful and powerful health & wellness trends and solutions. Her heart-felt enthusiasm and sincere approach have been instrumental in the advancement of many personal and co-created businesses.


As a Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Wellness Consultant for over 20 years, Kimberly inspires everyone she comes in contact with to live an empowered, authentic life.


Born a corn-fed South Dakota girl and raised on the California coast, Kimberly now lives in the mountains of Colorado enjoying a healthy outdoor lifestyle. She loves ground-breaking, nature-based wellness solutions, world travel, dancing to all kinds of music and helping others create and succeed in life and in business.

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