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Celebrating all things Good! Tips and conversations around ways to embrace the goodness of life and take a big juicy bite out of it. Food for the soul and the funnybone, learn to give more time to yourself, become a better friend, lead an amazing life and how to tell the best joke at the party.

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Kimberly Henrie is an award winning broadcaster with a career spanning over 20 years including a longstanding relationship with KMTS-FM and credits as host and co-host for podcasts around the globe. Additionally, she is a practicing yoga teacher and former fitness professional. Currently, Henrie hosts Living the Good Life podcast, is a seasoned wellness entrepreneur and lends her Voice of  Vibrant Living to a variety of projects. She is an experienced leader and is passionate about educating others on ways to reach their personal and professional goals.

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Living the Good Life's target audience is 40-65 year olds who want to eek more Life  out of their lifespan.  They are looking for creative ways to enjoy life, earn income and have time freedom.  They cherish the small moments as well as the big wows.  They have been chugging along at a median income and that is no longer enough.  They are beginning to think about retirement and realize they want more experiences, more vitality, better health and time with loved ones. They love to travel and learn new things..

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I certainly appreciated working with Kimberly. She is one of the most thorough, professional and talented on-air talents I worked with in my 18 years in the business. Not to mention she has the knowledge and experience to use her superb on-air voice in the best way possible. Her success in broadcasting and other professional fields is testimony to her versatility and perseverance. ~Mike McKibbin, Former Radio News Director and longtime Journalist

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