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Dear Mamas (and Daddies too!)

Dear Mamas (and Daddies too!)

I see you.

I feel your struggle to do the right things in raising your child, loving your child's other parent, loving yourself, being a good daughter/son, choosing to work or stay home, vaccinate or not, breastfeed or not, flouride or not, public school or homeschool, organized sports or free play, chicken nuggets or free-range organic grassfed meats, allergy meds or essential oils, brand names or second-hand, too many toys or not enough....and on....and on.

The position you are in in this current reality, 2016, is both exciting and staggeringly overwhelming. I think I might break under the pressure, were I to be a parent today. As a parent today, you are expected to know everything, and nothing at all.

In the past, we dutifully listened to the experts when in their presence and "winged it" the other 95% of the time. We were all in the same boat, because who had time to use the card filing system at the library to find books on the subject? We didn't speak down to one another because of some article that came across our Facebook feed, transforming us miraculously to an expert on the subject.

In this day, in this age, I watch as you are bombarded from all sides with the "right" information as to how to raise your child and run your life. I watch as you post a loving photo of your child in your car, only to be blasted for the way you've placed them in the car seat. I imagine how your head must spin when the dentist (and seemingly everyone in his office) insists that you must fluoridate your child, and if you don't, you are making extremely poor choices with long term effects.... how could you?! The topic of vaccinations is about the same, maybe worse, because the general public gets involved in your choice. And if you choose to fluoridate and vaccinate, the granola mommies ramp up their efforts to save your child from their brainwashed mommy or daddy.

While there are so many benefits to this social media age, I see also the pain and yes, the struggle.

All this to say, mamas and daddies, I see you. I feel your struggle. I love you and I believe in you. It is impossible for you to know all of the right answers. Many intelligent people have differing opinions on all of these subjects. It does not make you inferior to make one choice over the other.

Whatever you choose out of love for your child and yourself will be the right choice. It may have consequences, but you will step up for those and for your child if/when the time comes. The biggest and best thing you can do is stand in the strength of your love of your son/daughter.

You are doing just fine.



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