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Reset, Reintroduce, Real Life

I do not do diets. Anymore. I have a lot of well researched and hard won reasons for that. Ask me someday over coffee if you want to know the details.....

R3 is not a diet. It works. It's free and it's easy.

Here's my honest review and first hand experience.

When I first heard of the R3 plan for health & weight loss, I chalked it up as just another gimmick or plan that will result in 95% of people failing and/or regaining more weight than they lost. That is what the cold, hard facts say. Only 5% of those who lose weight keep it off long term and most regain more than they initially lost. I have been one of those statistics, multiple times. I realized years ago that if I kept dieting I could well wind up over 300lbs, which makes living in this society pretty darn difficult.

I decided to stop the madness. I've always had a policy of not keeping chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. in the house. We limit fast food, sodas and generally keep a healthy diet (more lean meats and fresh produce, less fast carbs and sugar.) Knowing that I continued to make healthy choices, I also made peace with my larger size. Because the physical and emotional toll of struggling with your weight has been shown to cause as many health problems as the issues causing your weight gain in the first place.

As a fitness & wellness professional, I've had so many people looking for advice and plans and workouts that would work for them. I've always hesitated to recommend anything, knowing what I know about all those statistics. So, when R3 came along via a trusted source, I decided to look at it, knowing I would be fielding questions.

Because R3 is based on real food and real life, not expensive gimmicks or crazy dietary changes, I decided that it would be the plan I'd recommend to anyone who asked my opinion. But I still wasn't ready to jump on the bandwagon.

Fast forward a couple years. I have seen so many hundreds of people having success with it, dozens that I personally know, and so many curious & struggling, but sitting on the sidelines, that I decided to jump in and give it a go. See if this is something that will A) work for me, B) work for the people I want to help/support/encourage. Consider me your guinea pig!

Two weeks in: It's been easy (not everyone feels this way), I've allowed myself to choose off plan about 25% of the time (holiday, graduation parties, business lunches..) I occasionally miss morning toast. I do not miss sweets. I also chose to include weekend popcorn and a glass of wine here and there. I made this my own and it's working. 2 week weigh-in: -8lbs, 3.75inches

6 weeks in: I relaxed a little more, following the plan somewhere between 60-75%. I'm learning how my body reacts to certain foods, and that makes it so much easier to move them out of my daily life. 6 week weigh-in: -15lbs -10.75 inches

I will continue on with this plan for the long term. It's not meant to be a quick fix or a miracle cure. It is meant to help you identify what your body needs to function well, lower inflammation and feel great. And I will check in with you from time to time to keep the guinea pig reports updated

In a nutshell, there are three components to R3:

RESET - Designed to eliminate foods known to cause inflammation, insulin spikes and other havoc in the body.

REINTRODUCE - Slowly bring back in certain foods and see how your body responds. Adjust accordingly.

REAL LIFE: Learn how to incorporate what you've learned, whether you cook at home, eat at restaurants, are single or married with children.

It is my pleasure to be a guinea pig for you. Please, do me a great big favor and DO NOT CONGRATULATE me on weight lost. Losing weight OR NOT, is a choice. It is not a victory. A person's weight does not change their value or even necessarily their health. For me it is a practical choice, nothing more. I don't want anyone to feel that they SHOULD lose weight or that they are lesser than if they don't choose to lose weight. Do You.

If you've been curious about R3, or searching for something, anything, that works, without buying into a crazy program, I encourage you to take a closer look at R3 and decide for yourself. Another resource I'm always recommending is a book by Dr. Linda Bacon, Heath at Every Size. It will change your whole perspective.

In love & health,


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