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Career 2.0

Gone are the days when you landed a job out of college with a good corporation, dedicated your life to your career and planned to retire with a pension. If you are under 50, you might have to google it. It used to be a thing.

Al Kessel is a full-time narrator and voice actor who works out of his professional home recording studio in sunny Arizona. He began several successful podcasts in 2010 and now is a prolific audiobook narrator. Additionally, Al has lent his voice numerous other projects, including apps and video games. It hasn't always been this way.

In a recent podcast interview, Al shared his journey from a longtime corporate professional to self-employed voice actor. After 15 years in the same job, with the same corporation, Al thought he had life mapped out. Then, he was downsized.

It took some encouragement from his wife, and serious consideration, and in the end Al decided to follow his passion and create a new career path. Though it was challenging to create the job he had long dreamed of, he stuck with it. Al says "I knew if I could make a success of what makes me happy, we would both be happy." Career 2.0 was born.

Al says, “This was the best choice and decision of my life.”

Learn more about Al Kessel's journey and get inspiration for your own life's path by listening to this podcast episode.

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