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4 Steps to Living a Perfect Life - Episode 46

“If you’re not having fun, then why are you doing it?” Janine Bolon

Episode 46

Air Date: 1/12/22

Guest: Janine Bolon

Listen Here

When Janine Bolon was young she was struck by lightning. This was an experience that (obviously) she lived through, but is the driving factor that inspired her not to waste time by living an unfulfilled life. Janine’s original life goal was to be a scientist and have as many different types of experiences as she could. She loves people and enjoys helping them achieve the dreams they’ve set for themselves. It is great fun to assist them as they move from living paycheck-to-paycheck into an abundant life! Janine has worked as an analytical biochemist, homeschooled four children, published 8 books (and counting) and was married to her college sweetheart for 30 years. In 2010 she was called into active service by the Thunder Clan. She says she was pulled into her life’s purpose. That purpose is to teach, write and guide spiritual seekers of all paradigms into a deeper relationship with their Source AND teach folks about the spiritual, emotional and physical laws that work within financial abundance. Through her writings and online courses, she shares how to expand your intuitive gifts as well as help you uncover the blocks you have to improving your financial situation. For the more analytical seeker, she's been labeled as a Financial First-Responder. For the spiritually minded her label is a first chakra healer. No matter what label you prefer to call her (just don’t call me “late” for dinner!). Janine is here to share with you how to gather Money, live debt-free and leave the living paycheck-to-paycheck life behind.

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