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A 500-pound Journey to Self-Love: Living the Good Life Episode 43

How a mindset shift helped create a 250-lb weight loss & more vibrant life

Episode 43

Air Date: 10/13/21

Guest: Mark Kenney,

In one pivotal moment, 500-lb Mark Kenney had a realization that life was about to change. He received insight that helped him turn around damaging habits (what till you hear about his dining out experiences!) and begin a journey fueled by love for himself and appreciation for his body.

If you've found yourself wondering why you make the choices you do or have the body you have, this is a must-listen.

Mark Kenney is from Central Ohio and oversees Healing Stream Media, a charitable organization that has thrived for almost 20 years. He oversees an online network of Christian radio stations reaching tens of thousands of people each month. Mark can be heard on many radio shows and Podcasts. Years ago, Mark reached a weight of 500 pounds. That sparked an inspiring health and wellness journey to not only lose the extra weight but become healthier overall. Along the way, he became a Certified Personal Trainer and Home Business Guru. Mark has a real passion for coaching others and is happiest when he sees other people overcome obstacles to reach their goals.

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