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How to get from where you are now to healthy thriving family relationships

Christopher Salem says today’s global situation, while understandably devastating to many, can be a blessing in disguise. It brings people together and is an opportunity to reset the playing field. Chris believes strong interdependent family structures lead to strong communities and businesses.


Empowered Fathers in Action (EFA) was formed by Chris and Joe Cohen (Author of Right Father, Right Son).

Chris was influenced by Joe’s book, interviewed Joe, and saw synergy and mutual belief that dads play an important role in the development of children. The EFA process was born out of this collaboration.

EFA trains facilitators to bring the process to the communities. They have also partnered with Dream Smart Academy to get the program out to communities.


How to get from where you are now to healthy thriving family relationships.

Getting caught up in perfection and expectations causes obstacles.

Strive for harmony, be in the present, have grace when you fall short.

Be focused on the process, strive for harmony not perfection.

Let go of control - you can’t control what children, spouse, others do.

Break pattern of pleasing and enabling (co-dependency)- empathy and kindness are interdependent

Is it easy? No Perfect balance? No It’s all about harmony

Tips for today:

This situation shall pass. You can only do your best.

Clear, specific communication is key.

People learn from what they observe. Set the example.

Relate and understand. Then be clear about expectations and what the day looks like.

Strive for that harmony.

Know it’s a process and do the best you can.

Kids need to feel heard, as we all do.

Keeping things in perspective and clear, we can begin to develop solutions.

Control what you can, letting go of what you can’t. When you’ve mastered that things will start to change for the better.

We get in our own way. You vs you, we vs we

EFA’s wish is for every family to put that into practice.

Give without expectation. Receive without resistance.


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