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Focus for Motivation

Need more motivation? Perhaps it's as simple as developing your focus.

All of us are capable of achieving something called “a state of flow.”

You may not label it as such, but I bet you have achieved, at least at some point in your life, a mental and emotional state where things come easily. I’m not talking about just sitting back and thinking that you have an easy life and that you have figured everything out. A state of flow happens when things seem to lead one into the next without much overthinking on your part. How does it work?

When you achieve a state of flow, you work in such a way that things become quick, easy, and effortless. Things just fall into place and it seems like regardless of what you do, when you make a move, things happen. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to do this with almost everything in your life?

Habitually successful people trigger a state of flow in almost everything they do. That is why they are able to achieve their goals and build on them. Many others struggle to get that state of flow. In fact, many don't know it's possible.

The good news is we all have it in us and the way to trigger this state is motivation. Motivation enables you to keep going despite the fact that there are people around you telling you that it cannot be done. Motivation is what you need to keep pushing when it seems that the only thing you are able to achieve is failure, disappointment, and heartbreak.

Motivation is crucial to achieving that state of flow. Once you get there, you can trigger a state of momentum where you are able to maintain flow for an extended period of time. Let's get you there.

The primary challenge is the small stuff of life, like deadlines, overwhelm, responsibilities, and obligations that seem to pop out of nowhere, and kill your focus. Lack of focus leaves us scatterbrained and kills motivation. I don't know about you, but I've sure experienced that feeling of fighting fires all around....and I've experienced that state of flow... Flow is definitely more pleasant AND productive!

The first step is to decide what your big goals are and keep them in front of you. For example, my husband and I have a big goal to semi-retire this year. We have spent time mapping out what that looks like for us and what paths are currently open to reach that reality. Now, every task, every decision is framed around that goal. We are able to make faster decisions as questions come up, we know where our attention and focus are best utilized and things are humming along. A plan is in place.... we expect to hit the road in our RV full-time this summer.

What are your big goals? Where is your focus? How is your motivation? If you'd like to zero in on achieving your state of flow and reaching your goals, I've pulled together a bundle on the Psychology of Motivation as my gift to you. You can download it here!

Be well,


ps. Share your big goals in our FB community so we can cheer you on!

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