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The Unexpected Writer

Seth B. Greenwald is a project manager for the world's largest engineering and construction management organization. Yet his passion is writing. The three-time best-selling author and creative mastermind speaks with us today about managing a full-time job while continuing to build on his passion. Seth also shares how he wrote his first book on the train within a year.

Seth pursued his engineering degree from The Cooper Union in New York City, not thinking he would go ahead in life to become a writer or speaker. A few whiles into college, Cooper was introduced to punk rock music and got inspired to become an artist himself. Seth credits his creative start to the music and lifestyle.

Seth had been interested in going into bookstores all his life because he loved books. And though he loved collecting his thoughts on paper, it wasn't until fairly recently that he knew he wanted to be a writer.

He started his writing journey with blogging, and that was 10-12 years ago. Writing about creativity, being creative, meditation, and the like, Seth got many people appreciating his work. It pushed him into doing more. And when out of a financial crisis, Seth lost his design job, he started putting together content for his website and loved the process. Further ahead, he landed a career in the Army Corps of Engineers. After that he realized he had a collection of written notes on his iPhone that he had been using to collect his thoughts for a while. He gathered these thoughts to come up with his first book, The Secrets of a Creative Warrior. The passion did only amplify since then.

Seth shares some tips for anyone who wants to pursue their profession as a writer. Passion, purpose, and schedule are keys to infuse creativity into your work. We also discuss editing, self-publishing, and marketing your book. Seth also talks about his thoughts on being a keynote speaker at events, persuasive pitching, and talking about your book to an audience.

Towards the episode's close, Seth describes how he feels empowered in life today and overcoming imposter syndrome.

Living a good life also means listening to your true calling and pursuing your passion. Listen to Seth for inspiring thoughts on living a creative life.

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