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Nomadic Living with Eden Rudin

LTGL 2024- Eden Rudin

Today’s guest has lived a nomadic life for five and a half years now with her husband. Carrying just two suitcases and taking care of other people’s pets and homes, they’ve redefined their responsibilities in life.

Eden Rudin adopted this lifestyle back in 2015. She speaks with us on her incredible journey so far, house-sitting, shifting homes, visiting places, and experiencing different cultures.

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle, Eden could make sure they could vacation easily with very little stuff to carry- be it furniture or baggage. They had a small list of must-haves that included essential oils and medications to manage blood pressure, asthma, and the like.

We discuss the various challenges that came their way when they shifted places. They had to define their responsibilities when traveling clearly. Eden suggests listening to your gut when settling for housing communities. It is essential that you know the place and the owner’s demands well in advance.

If you’re wondering how they could adjust to a new place every time, Eden tells us it takes time sometimes. But what keeps them going is the adventure and the lifestyle that comes with it.

Eden talks about being conscientious about where you spend. She shares the various platforms she uses for housesitting and how she manages the expenses. A work-from-home scenario saves them about $15,000 per year. Eden and her husband also don’t carry a cellphone or own a car, mortgage, or mortgage insurance. Neither do they need to pay cable bills, internet charges, or rent. It’s only the expenses for everyday living.

As somebody who loves challenges, Eden talks about finding the things that make your life easier and embracing them. Invest in the things that make your life easy so that you can see that joy within your day-to-day life. Tune in to the episode today to hear from Eden Rubin her definition of a good life!


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