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Overcoming Stress and Anxiety for GenX women

Today’s guests are co-founders of The Resting Mind, co-hosts of the podcast Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie + Mimi, and certified life coaches who work with us Generation X women on the things keeping them up at night. We’re talking things like finances, marriage, career, aging parents and anxiety.

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These ladies help Gen X women create sustainable change using proprietary tools that combine brain science and energy leadership .

You may have seen them in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha or TEDX. Please welcome today’s guests, Jackie Ghedine + Mimi Bishop.

Jackie and Mimi looked around and realized there weren't many resources towards their GenX peers. All the while, women in this age group were struggling with finances, aging parents, special needs kids and now Coronavirus, homeschooling and more. They launched The Resting Mind based off an article, then book, by Ada Calhoun, titled "Why We Can't Sleep."

They strive to help women give themselves permission to focus on what THEY want vs serving everyone else's needs and expectations first.

Generally, they have found that GenX women know they are unhappy, but they don't quite know why. This generation has both the freedom and the pressure of being the first women that truly had career choices, such as doctor vs nurse and CEO vs secretary. Add to that all the normal parenting, relationship and career stresses and now a pandemic and volatile social climate, and Jackie & Mimi have seen their business grow helping women in 2020.

They talk about tools such as The 8% Rule and the Worry Log to help their clients reframe stress and anxiety, raising energy levels and confidence. A big part of the puzzle is to help GenX women and all humans to understand that we have more choice about what happens around us than we think.

No longer do you need to live with your off-the-charts chronic stress. Learn to develop practices for stress-filled moments and understand your stress triggers so you can change how you respond to them.

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5 Steps to Stress Less

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