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Rediscovering Beef: A Review of antiobiotic and hormone-free beef from Riverbend Ranch

In the whirlwind of life, quality often takes a backseat to convenience. For years, beef (other than ground beef for burgers and tacos) hasn't been much on my radar due to my lingering distaste for it. So, I picked up whatever "natural" or "organic" beef I came across in the grocery store. But then came Riverbend Ranch—a game-changer that made me rethink my relationship with beef.

Riverbend Ranch Logo over an image of a juicy steak

Before I ever tasted a bite of Riverbend Ranch beef, I spent hours learning about why it is different and how it will help families and households who care about wellness (personal, physical, environmental and financial) like I do. I was blown away. Here's what I learned.

Unrivaled Quality:

I've always been skeptical of beef's taste, additives and sourcing, until I learned about Riverbend Ranch. Their commitment to flavor, quality and stewardship peaked my interest. RBR is a fully integrated operation that controls the process from breeding, growing feed, raising animals, harvesting & processing and packaging/shipping to homes across North America. The result: a top quality herd, raised sustainably & humanely, fed high quality feed, antiobiotic and hormone-free beef and harvested humanely to avoid stress hormones right before processing. You guys, this is amazing! Everything that could be done in service to the animals, the environment and with our health in mind is being done here, along with attention to creating amazing flavor!

The Highest Quality at Amazing Prices:

USDA Prime & High Choice beef often seem like a luxury. Riverbend Ranch has employed resources and efficiencies in their operation that bridge the gap between excellence and affordability. Now, we regularly eat prime cuts of filet mignon, ribeye and other cuts without feeling like I'm sacrificing my budget.

It's Delivered to Me!:

Being a full-time RVer, consistency in groceries can be hard to come by. I LOVE that Riverbend Ranch is shipped to me

wherever I am in North America. The seamless online ordering system allowed me to customize my box, pick my delivery frequency, and receive a curated selection of premium meats. The result? More time for cherished activities and less time spent in grocery store aisles.

Two mouthwatering New York Strip steaks next to a bottle of seasoning labeled Riverbend Ranch

It Tastes Amazing!:

Prior to discovering RBR, I would eat ground beef in the form of burgers, tacos, spaghetti, or chili and if hubby wanted a steak night, I'd get organic New York or Top Sirloin - usually a large one that I could cut a piece off for me or a couple small steaks. I could not stand anything with too much fat on it or marbling or anything bone-in. The flavor of these cuts just did not justify having to deal with fat, bone and gristle - uck!! So I avoided it. (No, I do not touch ribs!)

RBR flavor is bar none. And it's soooo tender. Have you ever cooked steak strips and stew meat and just struggled to get it tender? Before RBR I never achieved a yummy tender steak fajita or peppered steak meal, so I gave up. Well, my first package of RBR included about 3lbs of steak strips. I figured it was the ulitmate test! I made up and served steak fajitas for four of us and we alllll went back for 2nds and 3rds, soooo tender and so much flavor! Every other cut I've had has been the same. I'm now eating chopped steak, ribeyes, new york strip, filet mignon, sirloin and more!

Why I LOVE Riverbend Ranch:

By choosing Riverbend Ranch, I'm not just eating meat; I'm making a conscious contribution towards a better food system.

  • Better breeding practices

  • Healthy choices made through the fully integrated process

  • Happy Cows means less stress hormones and better vibes for us all (humanely raised)

  • NEVER EVER Hormones/Antibiotics speaks to my health and wellness values

  • Prime and High Choice at Affordable Pricing

  • Convenience of Delivery gives me consistency in my shopping and saves me gas

  • Saves me the frustration of trying to source local beef that has these high standards (if you have a local rancher that you trust, by all means support them. RBR is intended to take marketshare from the 4 big conglomerate companies that sell 85% of the meat sold in the US.)

  • Sustainable practices that speak to my values (reusing water, capturing gas from processing and using for heat, composting for fertilizer, etc.)

  • FLAVOR!!! You can understand why some people pay exorbitant prices in New York steak houses when you taste this beef. It has turned my life around.

  • Beef has health benefits. It is a rich source of essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, which collectively contribute to muscle growth, energy metabolism, and overall well-being.

"We love Riverbend Beef so much. Before our first order arrived I thought people were over hyping it... Nope, it really is amazing! So happy I have it for my family." - Riverbend Ranch Customer

In the end, Riverbend Ranch has been an unexpected delight. It has rekindled my interest in beef, giving me the chance to embrace quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every meal feels like a triumph—an exploration of flavors and nod to my lifes values.

Visit More About Riverbend Ranch to learn if it's a fit for you!

Note: The content is an authentic sharing of of my experience. Affiliate/marketing links have no impact on product pricing.

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