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The Henrie's Hit the Road - Full-time RV Life

Creating our Newest Version of Living the Good Life!

We are Randy and Kimberly Henrie. From 1997 - 2021, we lived in the beautiful mountain community of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We owned a beautiful home, where we raised our kids, spent lazy summer days and plenty of holidays and family gatherings with our children, grandchildren, friends and extended family. We built businesses, volunteered with local groups and organizations and lived a great life.

In May of 2021, we decided to make a major turn and become full-time RVers. We immediately put our plan into play and by November, we were on the road, having sold or given away 90% of our belongings, including the house. It happened pretty quickly, sometimes like a whirlwind and at others a torturous waltz. The process of moving decades of stuff and life into an RV and a cargo trailer was absolutely full of up and down moments. Over time, I'm sure we'll spill all the details.

Any regrets?

Overall, no regrets. I'm certain Randy would say 100% no regrets. As for me, it's hard to be away from our family (plenty of visits back to Colorado help!) and occasionally I have a little moment of grief over our "old" life, special moments and the vision I had had for the future. I intend to be very real with you in these RV Life blog posts. The fact is, I love the life we are creating... no regrets, just a little nostalgia as I continue to transition and embrace all the goodness this RV lifestyle affords us.

What's Next?

I have some catching up to do on sharing our initial adventures! We headed out from Colorado last fall and spent time in Kentucky, Florida, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming and more in our first 8 months on the road. So many photos, recommendations, stories and RV tips to share. Can't wait!

Are you an RVer? Let us know about your journeys. If you have questions, we are happy to share our experiences, ask away!

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