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Using Humor in Every Day Life - Episode 45

How to incorporate more playfulness and positivity into your life.

Episode 45

Air Date: 12/15/21

Guest: April Allford

April Allford is a Purdue University and Poynter Institute for Media Studies alumna who seeks out creative outlets in her life. The Society of Professional Journalists, Colorado Press Association, Colorado Mountain News Media and Purdue Exponent have recognized April for her notable writing and graphic design achievements. In Aspen, she was introduced to stand-up comedy as part of a narrative reporting assignment. She continued writing her weekly newspaper column and taking the stage on the Western Slope of Colorado before moving back to the midwest and starting a family in her 40s. She spent time on different comedy stages in Denver, where she won a scholarship to attend Louie Anderson’s comedy camp, and once opened for Leon Redbone when he played in Carbondale, Colorado.

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