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Brenda Chamberlain

Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Brenda is a Colorado native who grew up in Rifle and spent her childhood roaming Taughenbaugh Mesa and Mamm’s Peak on her horses. After 18 years of traveling the world and experiencing life in the big city, she returned to the Rocky Mountains to create her dream life.

Brenda has 25+ years of professional experience providing mental health services to children and adults in a variety of clinical settings. She has specific training in Cognitive behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing techniques Suicide Assessment and Intervention, and Trauma Informed Care.

Brenda is also a Certified Mindfulness teacher with 20 years of personal Mindfulness practice and 3 years of Mindfulness teaching experience.

Additionally, she has spent her entire life working with and caring for horses. Brenda is passionate about both human and equine wellness and is continuously amazed by the profound results when the two are brought together. She is grateful for the opportunity to bring the gifts of EAP/EAL and mindfulness practices to her community.

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