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Kimberly Henrie

Wellness Entrepreneur and Voice Talent

Kimberly is a wife, mom, grandma, voice actor, podcaster, former radio personality, former gym owner & fitness professional and a yoga teacher. She and husband Randy are about to add nomad to the list, as they prepare to sell their longtime home in Colorado and hit the road in their RV looking for their next adventure.

Founding this team in 1995, Kimberly loves the peace of mind that comes with knowing the multiple streams of income she is building are residual and helping to build a lifestyle with less worry and more fun! It makes taking a day, week or month off to tend to the business of life and family doable and more fulfilling, removing the financial worry.

You'll most often find Kimberly sharing her love of wellness, spending time with family, hiking, gardening, traveling and hitting the yoga mat!

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